Billigaste Sändning av Paket

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Billigaste Sändning av Paket

Many people find it hard to send packages. Secondly, the package must be packed and franked, and then carried away to the post office. In addition, you pay expensive money for the freight.

How can we help you?

We have chosen to make the most of the job for you. First, we offer a pick-up at your door. Yes, you read correctly, you can now send a package without even leaving your own exit! You decide what time the driver will pick up the package, and then just wait!

We also send mailing labels to you by email, these also work as postage. You do not need to calculate the postage yourself, do not need to buy stamps or write the address.

You can send the package to and from any destination, either within Sweden or outside. We handle transportation to most destinations in the world, in a cheap and easy way.

How do I do?

On our homepage you enter information about the package's destination and size. You will then get three oil options, and choose the one that suits you best. You can choose express delivery - for the fastest possible delivery time, economy price - for the lowest possible price, or the standard price for an intermediate between the two.

Once you have completed the order, you will receive mailing labels via email, these will print and paste the package. Then you just have to wait for the driver to pick up your package.

If your delivery is to a non-EU country, we also provide assistance with filling in a customs declaration. You will see immediately under the order if you have missed or filled in an error. Then it's ready!

Your benefits


  •     We offer pick-up of your shipment
  •     You will receive mailing labels and postage
  •     We have the cheapest packages for packages
  •     You always get three different price options to choose from
  •     We ship packages all over the world

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