Any kind of complaint must be filed by sending a written complaint by e-mail to In the subject field please put: “Complaint + [order number]”.

In the case of visible damage found on a parcel or in case of partly or fully loss of content, the complaint must happen immediately upon arrival. In the case of invisible damage the complaint must happen within 7 days from arrival, Sundays and holidays not included.

Pictures of the damages must follow the complaint and packing material must be saved!

Demands regarding the delay of a parcel must be sent by e-mail latest 21 days later than the day the parcel has been delivered or announced to the recipient.

Additional demands must be expressed without reasonless delay and no later than 6 months after the pickup date for shipping.

If there has not been filed a complaint within the given deadlines, the customer loses the right of demands towards

The customer has no demand of refunds, if the business terms are not kept.