FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you use paket.se to send your parcels?


Each day paket.se ships out several hundreds of packages and letters in Denmark and all around the world. We are cooperating with the 3 biggest shipping companies on the planet, and in 99,3% of the cases we will get your package delivered safe and sound. We are delivering on a day-to-day basis in Denmark, and in the rest of the world the average delivery time is around 1-5 days. We are competitive according to pricing, and it is very simple to check the cost of your shipment with our price calculator on the front page; this can be done within less than one minute. If you decide to book the shipment you just calculated, this is

No matter if you are shipping for civil or business paket.se will help you get your packages all over the world easy and cheap.

You are always able to find us on Trustpilot and Facebook to read what our costumers says about our service. Our service is in the top 3 under shipping on Trustpilot.



How does it work?

At paket.se you’ll find our calculator that always gives you the relevant and actual price. Everything you have to do is to put in the to- and from addresses, the package(s) dimensions and weight. You will then be offered three different prices: Economy, standard and express. The prices reflects the respective delivery time.

When you have booked and ordered a pickup you will receive an invoice on an email together with 1 or more address labels, depending on how many packages you have ordered to be shipped. These labels are meant to be put on the package(s), and then our driver will come to pick up the parcel on the arranged time and place.


My account - sign up?


On paket.se we receive two kinds of costumers - business and private. The easiest way to sign up for an account is to set up your first order. When you have done this you are automatically signed up, but if you do not have an order right now, you can sign up manually right here



Your account grants you access to your latest bills, your address book(the ones you have sent something to) and the possibility to fill out customs documents for shipments outside of EU.


It is possible to connect several emails to the account. This makes it easier for concerns, if more than one employee books shipments.


It is possible to get an invoice deal if you’re a business. This means that you won’t pay with credit card each time, but all invoices are combined at the end of the month. To do this, we need your CVR-number and a credit approval. If you want to set this up or have any questions, just contact us here: https://paket.se/Kontakt_oss


Invoice - Confirmation of order?


When you’ve made an order, you’ll receive a confirmation of the order on your email along with an invoice number and the invoice and label attached.


With this email you will also receive instructions to prepare and send your package with paket.se


Businesses with the invoice deal only receives a conformation and the label. The invoice will be sent to you at a different point.


Price - What does the price include?


When you’re using the calculator you will usually receive 3 different prices(economy, standard and express), which reflects the time the shipping takes.


These prices will be calculated based on the given informations(dimensions, quantity, pickup- and delivery destinations).


The received prices are included fuel surcharge and the price is shown both with and without VAT.


Prices outside of the EU are VAT-free.


Prices are without VAT and taxes in correlation to the paragraph about VAT and customs documents https://paket.se/tulldokument 


The prices are calculated based on volumetric weight in correlation to the paragraph about weight and size https://paket.se/storlek-och-vikt



Every shipment is measured and weighed electronically on the way to its destination, og if there is a difference between these informations and the information the costumer has stated, paket.se reserves the right to bill the costumer for the diversion.


The price can change from day to day due to price changes from our drivers. The calculator on paket.se is always the price you have to pay, and it won’t change once you’ve made the order, unless another written offer has been received from paket.se.


The pricing includes insurance up to 500DKK. If you wish to further insure, you can follow the guidance on the paragraph about insurance https://paket.se/Forsakring


Transit time?


When you receive the price from the calculator, there is also a delivery time stated.


Denmark: 1 work day

Europe: 1-4 work day(s)

Rest of the world: 2-5 work days


Some countries have a longer delivery time.


A shipment can sometimes be delayed. The most often reasons for this are invalid address, postal code, house nr, post-office box or lacking customs documents outside of the EU.


The customs authorities can also delay a shipment. Even though paket.se’s business partners has their own costumes offices, the customs authorities are authorized to take spot tests and examine the shipment. If there is a need for further documentation, the receiver will be informed so. If this happens, a delay of 1 work day will occur.


Contents and value - What can you send?


You’re always responsible for researching if the contents of the shipment are customs- or tax bound, and if it correlates with the relegation of import in the the receiving country. Basically paket.se doesn’t control these conditions, and isn’t capable of counseling about this, but will refer the costumer to the export council or the authorities in the country in question; here amongst embassies, consultants and customs authorities.

Besides that, the content’s value can’t exceed 300.000DKK.


Further information about what you can ship can be found at https://paket.se/vad-som-maste-skicka


How do I prepare the package?


For further information about preparation of the package check the following paragraphs about

Packaging: https://paket.se/forpackning-av-paketet

Address labels: https://paket.se/adressetikett

Export papers: https://paket.se/tulldokument


Ship more than 10 packages?


If you wish to ship more than 10 packages, you can import a CVS file. Contact us for further information.


Weight and size - What can the package weigh?


See information about size and weight here https://paket.se/storlek-och-vikt


Packaging - how do I pack the shipment correct?


It is the dispatchers responsibility to pack the content properly. The shipment must be correctly packed to receive replacement if any damaging happens. See more here https://paket.se/forpackning-av-paketet




There is always an insurance for up to 500DKK included in your price. This means that your shipment is covered against transport related damages and loss of values up to maximum 500DKK. The standard insurance doesn’t cover in case one or more of the following conditions haven’t been complied with.

Read more about standard and additional insurance here: https://paket.se/forpackning-av-paketet


TAX and customs documents?


When it comes to shipments outside of the EU, there has to be filled out a customs document/ pro forma bill. This is done online via paket.se, or alternatively it can be uploaded.

Read more about customs documents and export papers here https://paket.se/tulldokument


Can I change the time or address for the pickup?


Our drivers always arrive within the stated time, that you have chosen under “order”. If you wish to change the pick up time or address, it can be done by contacting us. You will be prompted to inform us what your order number is.


Pay attention to the fact that this can only be done at least 2 hours before pickup.


Cancel an order?


If you need to cancel your order, then contact us and give us your order number.

Pay attention to the fact that the order can only be cancelled at least 4 hours before pickup.


Trace your package?


Every package in your shipment gets an individual tracking number, which will be stated in your confirmation of order.

If you wish to see the status on your shipment, you can at any time trace it here: https://paket.se/spara-ditt-paket


You can also trace your shipments in the order record(under My Pages)


Complaint - What do I do?


Any kind of complaint has to be filed with a written inquiry to paket.se via mailmail@paket.se. In the case of a claim or complaint you must state your order number or some other identification of your sale agreement.


Further information about complaints and time limits can be found here https://paket.se/faq.php?faq_id=22




Both private and businesses can make orders with pick up in foreign countries. That’s what’s called import. As a private person you can only import from EU countries though, due to tax and import taxes.


If your business wants to expand the import to the rest of the world, this can be made possible by contacting us. The only criteria is that the company is import registered. Contact us here https://paket.se/kontakta_oss


Order of packaging material at paket.se?


It is possible to order packaging for your orders, but only for businesses. Contact us for further information https://paket.se/kontakta_oss


Business conditions - fine print?


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions are based on our business conditions, but are not absolute. Therefore we recommend you to read all our business conditions more specific. You can find them under “about us” in the top of the main menu. You can also press this link https://paket.se/handelsvillkor


Support - further questions?

You are always welcome to address us on the phone, email or chat, if you have any questions, that aren’t answered by our FAQ-section.


Call us at +46 10 884 81 31

Email us at mail@paket.se