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Are you looking for cheap domestic freight? offers freight from both documents, packages and even pallets and containers throughout Sweden. In other words, can help you with freight with the best customer service in the market, and some of the sharpest prices, whatever you need to send, and wherever you want to send it. If you are used to using Bussgod's shipping, is worth trying. You will experience a customer service that is somewhat different from the average because, unlike the rest of the freight industry, has chosen to concentrate on its core service, namely customer service. It is of course a customer service centered on freight, but since uses the world's largest and most recognized suppliers to move the goods from A to B, all staff are trained to ensure customer service is in a class so you As a customer, you are in safe hands. This specialization in customer service also means that is economically efficient in addition to the usual, and therefore offers domestic freight at high prices, with fast delivery and the quality you know, as it is often the same carrier that is being used anyway. Cheap Freight Domestic? Try Cheap Packages!

Which carrier do you prefer? is not a carrier but has agreements with the world's largest and most recognized carrier UPS, as well as DHL, FedEx and even PostNord as well as many others. When you order on the website you will get up to three choices, of different price, delivery rate and priority. The system will make a choice between all the contracted suppliers and who sends to that destination. The three cheapest in each category will be the ones you are offered. If you have experience for a particular carrier to work really well for you, then can easily prioritize this carrier in the system, so it's only your packages are shipped with. This means that when shopping with, it is completely the same freight that you know if you have traded at these companies before. It may even be the same driver that comes, which has always come with you. The difference when shopping with is that the price is low and the customer service level is higher. Even if you choose the fast delivery.

Do you want quick delivery?

When you buy express, you get the fastest delivery and the safest shipment that freight companies can offer. The default is that the driver will pick up your package at the address you want without having to do anything other than ordering the shipment, printing the label, and opening the door when the driver is calling. It is always best to order well in advance, but after all, it is not unusual for to get a driver to pick up a package, but incredibly short notice, down to a few minutes if there is one Freight car in the area. finds in a timely manner that the driver will appear before the label is printed and pasted on the package. Although it's an easy task to print and paste, it can take a very short time from the order is delivered, until the driver can see it on his computer in the car and put his route past you. This applies as usual to both private and business. distinguishes only between private and business, as the philosophy is that everyone should be allowed to send packages cheaply, quickly, safely and with the industry's best customer service (according to Trustpilot). If you have to send a package, click here or call Customer Service at +46 10 884 81 31 , contact us via the online chat feature or sign up at


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