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Skicka Paket till Kina

Send packages to China as cheaply as possible!

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Ship packages to China Cheap

It's commonplace today to have familiar spread around the world, but we want it to be as easy and smooth as possible for you to send packages to your friends, even if they live abroad. Therefore, we offer to handle your shipment to China at the lowest possible price, and with the least amount of effort.

In the international climate prevailing today, it is common for goods and gifts to be shipped across national borders. Nevertheless, many people find that it is both expensive and difficult to send packages or letters abroad, especially when shipping outside the EU. We want to change that!


First, we offer to pick up the package at your door. This means you do not have to go to the nearest post office and leave your shipment. You save both time and money!

After ordering, we will also send out mailing labels to you. These also serve as postage, so you do not need to think about whether you have sent the shipment correctly.


Since China is outside the EU, your shipment must be declared to be free of customs. During the order you will be able to fill in these documents immediately, so you can be sure that the correct paper has been filled in correctly. Then attach only the customs documents with the package, so it's ready!

That sounds amazing, how do I do?

You can search for shipping prices for packages to China directly on our website. You simply go to our homepage, fill in the country of dispatch, and select China as the recipient country. Fill in the size and weight of the package. Then click on "Search Price" to instantly find out what price options are available to you. Then you can choose which characteristics are most important to you - price or delivery time.

Of course you can also send packages from China to other destinations in the world, including Sweden. This is possible because we have close cooperation with several major international freight companies.

After ordering, you will receive address labels sent to you, which will stick to the package. You attach the customs documents, and then just wait for the recipient to get the package!

Our service:

  •     We offer low shipping prices to and from destinations around the world
  •     We cooperate with large freight companies, which guarantees that the package will arrive
  •     You can insure your shipments if the value exceeds 500 SEK
  •     You do not need to leave your package at post office

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