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Tulldokument och exportera dokument

Export documents or customs invoice are actually the same - and both terms cover the document needed to be legally accompanied by a shipment sent either in or out of the EU.

NOTE: You can only fill out the customs invoice after you make an order, as this feature is only available on the account.

tullldokument download                                                       Hvordan udfylder man eksportdokument

But you can download a template for a bulletin document by clicking here: PDF Costums Invoice or Excel Costums Invoice

Somebody really denotes this document as a customs declaration. A proforma invoices are also used to make the confusion even bigger. But it's actually quite simple.

For shipments outside the EU, an export document / proforma invoice must be filled in. This is done online via Alternatively, it can be recharged.

In some cases, incur additional costs. Customs clearance and local taxes/fees. These fees are not included in the price of goods and are the sole responsibility of the shipper/recipient to be aware.

The export document in English, and must be printed in tree copies: One copy is attacted to the package. The other two copies are given to the driver at the pick up. Lack of filling can be done cancellation of orders or after invoicing.

Should an export document / invoice when you send Christmas presents, complaints similar, samples or items of any value?

- Yes, everything you send to a destination outside the EU, always needs either a customs document or an invoice.

Should there be a value on the invoice?

- There must always be a value on the invoice, so customs can declare packages. This applies to all goods, both require equal, christmas promotional materials, etc.

Why am I charged for customs / VAT on the goods I have sent?

- This is probably due to the fact that the buyer of the goods has no credit obligation. The buyer will therefore be charged duty / VAT on goods they import. If the buyer does not make this bill, this will be returned to the sender.

- If the shipping value exceeds the maximum value of customs duties and import VAT on import to this country, one must expect these to be paid. The level of the maximum valvue vary from country to country
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